Kuhns Bros. Log Homes was the leader in the log home industry for almost 30-years. The Kuhns Bros. staff was the best in the industry. Their dedication to quality, customer service and customer satisfaction set them apart and took Kuhns Bros. Log Homes to the top of its industry.

In the early and mid 2000’s, production and staffing was ramped up to meet the overwhelming demand for Kuhns Bros. premium log homes. In 2007 the housing market bubble burst. Kuhns Bros., like many other housing suppliers, couldn’t contract its’ operations quickly enough to an appropriate size that was conducive to the lowest national housing sales activity since the Great Depression. Despite all efforts to plan for and adjust to the housing market downturn, Kuhns Bros. announced that they would be closing the doors on all operations effective March 28, 2013. This came as a surprise to many, and most surprised were the employees and sales network of Kuhns Bros. Log Homes.

Not willing to see the tradition of excellence and the years of experience fall to the wayside, several long time employees of Kuhns Bros. Log Homes joined together to lay the foundation for a new leader in the log home industry; Timberhaven Log Homes LLC. Timberhaven retained the key employees and an established sales network and purchased most of the physical assets, such as manufacturing equipment and tooling, from the bank’s secured assets and at subsequent auctions.

Pulling talent, skills, and experience from all departments of Kuhns Bros., Timberhaven Log Homes was born. Unlike most new companies, Timberhaven was able to start right where Kuhns Bros. left off, after all….the employees were the same employees that built and made Kuhns Bros. the leader it had become…!


timberhaven log homes staff photo

Timberhaven Log homes Staff Photo


Timberhaven Log Homes…..

  • has an average employee experience of 22-plus years in the log home industry
  • employs the key people that were integral in the success and quality of Kuhns Bros. Log Homes (no other log home manufacturer can claim to carry on the tradition of Kuhns Bros. Log Homes because no other company has the employees that made Kuhns Bros. Log Homes the standard in the log home industry)
  • has an established sales network across the country that is already familiar with the product line
  • is already recognized for…”Integrity–Innovation–Quality–Value and Service”

We have witnessed the closing of a great company and now the birth of a company that is destined to be a leader in the log home industry, Timberhaven Log Homes, LLC……………!

Special Note: Kuhns Bros. has sold and auctioned off their assets including their corporate owned sales models. A former competitor purchased the assets of the North Carolina sales model in Mebane, North Carolina and now imply that they purchased the company as a whole and are claiming to carry on the tradition of Kuhns Bros. Log Homes. The actual fact is that the sale was limited to the assets associated with the former Kuhns Bros. North Carolina model home property only. The tradition, knowledge, talent, and dedication to excellence belong to the employees of Timberhaven Log Homes, the team that made Kuhns Bros. Log Homes what it was….!